Thursday, June 6, 2013

Delivery of Donations Made today ... Thank you to all who Helped to make this happen!

Well, today, Cornelia Coty-Penisten and I went and dispersed all the money that was collected through this event. Every Recipient of what funds collected through this event were very appreciative.

I did not take any photos due to respecting those who were affected and received a donation thru this fundraiser but however, I did take a picture of the cards with the money I can share.

All the recipients also wanted to share there appreciation to EVERYONE who made this happen as well as from myself -

Thank you to Shawnee Wal-Mart first of all for allowing us to hold a booth at there storefront - for everyone who baked goodies, donated their time, ones who donated for the raffle and for the public who gave up some of there money in help for making a few families feel like there will be Light at the end of the tunnel.

I wish I could have helped to raise more than we did and had been able to give to every family affected by these recent Oklahoma Tornadoes but wanted to give thanks to everyone involved as to what we were able to accomplish -  this was one step forward in helping to rebuild a few lives in a small way.

I did this event through my small ministry that I call "Leah's Hope" Kinda out of the realm of what I normally do but felt a calling and wanted to try and organize something to help in the relief efforts. I am not one who wants a pat on the back, nor a thank you, etc.... we all did this together and appreciate each and every one involved in making this a success! 

If you have not done so already...I would really like it, if you would follow my blog as well and if you have not seen nor viewed it yet - also read Leah's Story and why I have such a passion in trying to help comfort people in their time of distress or need, no matter what the situation.

Bethel Acres Tornado Relief - Help and Donations are still very much Needed!

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Oklahoma Quilt - Renae 255-1879
Cross - Ashton Koose 777-8284
Beauti Controll - Hope DePrince 476-8681
Scentsy - Mandy Cloyd
It Works Gift Basket - Ann Witten
Tupperware - Molly Nye
Boy Quilt - Catherine Clarke 314-1033
Girl Quilt - Neelia 275-1166
Mesh Wreath - Pat 275-1166
Handmade Aprin Gift Set -Belle A 551-0656
Handmade Pillow Case Set - Greg & Penny Davenport

Here are the winners of the raffle, Some items I left at Artzy Fartzy for a more convenient pick up. The are open from 10-6 Monday thru Friday, and till 4pm on Saturday. Closed on Sundays.

Items there as of right now are and are available for pick up:
The Cross
Beauti Control
Boy Quilt
Girl Quilt

I have these items:

It Works Gift Set
Scentsy Gift Basket

The other items, the one that made the item still has it. Please text me tomorrow (Monday) and will try to arrange pick up or shipped

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Donated Items to be Raffled Off ...

First and Foremost, I would like to "THANK "GOD" for all the SUPPORT Oklahoma has received from near and far! We have been Blessed by the many who have donated, not just through us but many organizations, churches, fundraisers, individuals, etc... 

Here are a few shots of what is to be raffled off later this week -

You can still get in on the raffle through Friday, May 31st...If you will, Please donate or purchase a raffle ticket via PayPal, we will mail the item free of charge to the winner if you are outside of the Oklahoma City or surrounding areas and would like to help us raise money for the Tornado Victims.

* Handmade Oklahoma Quilt  Made by Purplefish Quilting

* A Mesh Wreath provided by Mesh Me by Ang
Not sure which one she will be donating so I am posting a pic of some of her work!

* Scentsy Gift Basket  donated by Joan Clark.
* An "It's Works" Gift Basket by Denise Pennington.

* 2 - Children's Quilts Donated by QuiltyKidz

*A Very Nice Wall Decor Cross decorated in the Cheetah Print donated by The Paper Princess  

* A Tupperware donation from Beth Owens.

 * A Facial Gift Bag from *Beauti Control Donated by Sylvia DeWitt.

*A Handmade Kitchen Gift Set by Janie Howard Self Biggs ...

which consists of an apron, potholder, 2 appliqued kitchen towels & tote bag as well 2 patriotic pillowcases.

I certainly do not want to leave out all the people who helped bake for the bake sale, or who helped me work the booth at Wal-Mart selling the raffle tickets and baked goodies - Thank you to all involved.

If you would like to donate while you still can - please do so on the left hand side of this page via paypal. 

100% of proceeds will be donated to the victims of these Tornadoes who have lost loved ones, lost homes and much much more. Please continue to support our fellow Oklahomans!

Thanks so much!

The Next Post will be of the winners from the raffle as well as how much the finished monetary amount to be that we will be able to give to a few families that I am sure will need it more than I can say!

Just Devasting ...

 Just Devastating to see the reality in every sense of the word!

I wanted to also post pictures of some of the devastation from the tornadoes from being in one of the areas yesterday, just so unbelievable!  Stories told that their were cars still in the pond close by that you could not even see them. As well as a truck actually up in a tree nearby.

And this is after a lot of the clean up had already been accomplished.

FEMA was pulling in as we were leaving so I snapped a pic...

Our Benefit Bake Sale at Wal-Mart

Our Benefit Bake Sale at Wal-Mart -

Wanted to share our benefit at Wal-Mart over the weekend - We have collect to date $682 through the Bake Sale, Special Oklahoma Hair Bows, and through generous donations - for the Relief Efforts to go towards the Tornado Victims. 

We went out yesterday and donated the remaining baked goods to some of the families at one of the sites that the Tornado went through. In respect of all the ones who lost loved ones and their possessions and who are going through this horrific time, I will not post any pictures of people or there belongings. I did however take a few snapshots of the destruction and in amazement, I can not even fathom going through something like what they are going through right now. Losing a child was hard for me and does not compare but this is a much different feeling of loss and I can't even imagine the thoughts or what must be going through these people minds who are going through this. 

What we have collected certainly does not seem like much but I am sure every little bit helps and will be appreciated to whom we give the proceeds too. If you would - we would appreciate your donation as well as it will be going to a local family who lost their home in hopes it will help make some difference some how. The donation button is at the left hand side of my Blog and would certainly be appreciated!

Oklahoma Tornado Relief Benefit Update

Oklahoma Tornado Relief Benefit Update -

We are still collecting donations as well as selling raffle tickets  - You can purchase as many tickets as you like via PayPal and we will ship your item free of charge to you if you win. You can see what we will be raffling off below as well as some other photo's of our goal in trying to help in the relief efforts of the Oklahoma Tornadoes.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fundraiser Funds to be Re-Configured

ok, I just heard on News 9 that there are several funeral homes that are going to offer funerals free of charge so, the money on this fundraiser needs to be re-configured. Very generous of them but now I have to re-think!

Bake Sale Fundraiser at Walmart - May 24th & 26th

OK, I have a date and time at the Shawnee Wal-Mart for this Friday and Sunday -  (Saturday was taken) I need to now schedule who wants to work it and help me make some goodies.

Oklahoma's MAY 19th & 20th Tornado Memorial Children's Fund

Oklahoma's MAY 19th & 20th Tornado Memorial Children's Fund -

As most everyone knows - Oklahoma was Hit HARD again with Deadly Tornadoes - A Lot of areas have been covered in Volunteering, donation, supplies, etc... within the Moore, Carney, & Shawnee areas. This question came to me - How can I help?  What can I do that others have not thought of yet?

What can I offer in the midst of all the devastation and tragedies that happened over the past 2 days in Oklahoma? I have always believed that "every little bit helps" ... no matter how large or how small!

What has not been covered yet nor even been considered yet and will certainly become reality soon enough, is the burial of a child much too soon. Some have lost little ones and these little angels are now in God's Hands! Unfortunately, they will need to be laid to rest once all the dust settles. Unsure of the number count of how many children are not with us any more but the number keeps rising as the hours go by...Eventually, many will end up wondering how to cover this expense as I was faced myself with that question a few short years ago.

After losing a child myself, I know first hand the anxiety that arises the day before the funeral and no way to pay for is certainly expensive to have to go through this especially, even more so when it is "unexpected" ... with that said, I am working on organizing a "Bake Sale Fundraiser" for all money raised to go to families who will have to lay there child to rest pre-maturely. I intend to contact Wal-Mart as well as Firelake Grocery in the morning to find out if I can host this fundraiser at one of their facilities, maybe even both locations for more coverage.

So, with that said... I am looking for volunteers to bake, help me work the fundraiser as well as possibly to donate a product to sell for the funds from the sale of that item to be thrown into the fundraising bucket. I would also possibly like to find a generous donation of a handmade quilt or some other big type item that maybe we can do a raffle on to increase what we can to help contribute too, for these families in there time of need... my goal is to raise as much as we can to help these families who have this unbearable task and ease somewhat of this financial burden! This money that will be collected will be given to these families and for them to use as they see fit, whether it helps with funeral expenses as originally is my intention, but having to miss work or making living arrangements, I feel it should be up to them on how they need the money spent - either way, this fundraiser is much needed for these families to help support them as they try and get through the immediate future - I am also attaching a papal button on the left side of my blog and post so if you would rather just donate and are not able to help or are out of state, your donation is much appreciated! Please provide your mailing address as well because I enjoy sending out "thank you" cards to show my appreciation in their honor!

My cell is 405.412.3050, feel free to text me.

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