Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What is "Leah's Hope"?

As some of you may know, I lost my daughter about 3 months ago, she was almost 17 months old. She was in the hospital the majority of her life which made our family life chaotic every sense of the word from financially, emotionally, physically, etc… we pretty much lived at the hospital for two years.

That chapter of our lives is over and Leah is now in a much better place. I often asked God – Why? Never really did understand why but knew HE had a plan.

I am working on a ministry in Leah’s memory to help other families that end up having long stays at the hospital like we did. It is truly a financial hardship - I want to give them a little reprieve and provide a little “Hope”….

“Leah’s Hope!” is Born!

I want to provide a care package of sorts with snacks, non perishables, beverages, a small gas card, a toy for the sick child and then a handmade card for words of encouragement to give to select parents in need and their child, in hopes that this gift basket of sorts will ease some financial burden.

I plan to try to start out with 2 packages a month and go from there as long as I am financially capable. I will be working on this Blog to share my ministry and in hopes to spread the need to help others as well as hoping for donations in order to help even more families.

Often, I hear of awesome stories on Christian Radio how people make a difference in others lives... My goal is to try to be just as uplifting and make my Monday's, - "Make a Difference Monday" as well.

Please help me pray for this ministry that I may be able to reach the families God wants me to help!

Sincerely - Mom to Leah,

Shelly Adams

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