Monday, January 24, 2011

Final Steps to Getting Out Our First Care Package!

I wanted to send out a message to let you all know that I have been busy putting together the final steps in getting my first package to the hospital! I had to order a few things, getting some legal things done, etc.... Just a huge process to line things up. I have a call into the hospital to try and get a family lined up to give this first one to... I am so excited and can't wait to deliver it! I will definitely post a picture of all care packages I create for these families!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Wow... I Love the New Design

Veronica out did herself in creating this new blog design for us.... I am so please how it turned out! Thank you again Veronica! Fantastic Job!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just have to say....

It happens all the time... Every where I go, I see little ones, boys or girls that was Leah's age at the time she passed away, not yet 2 years of age that remind me of her. I can't help but think of Leah. I think this will be embedded in me till I see her again one day.

I just have to say...I was at the dollar store the other day picking up a few things. While waiting in line to cash out, the young cashier was having a conversation with the customer in front of me. They were talking about the customers granddaughter turning 16 and then the cashier mentions she has a little girl about 2 years of age, that she got pregnant when she was 17. She kept going on and on about how she is not looking forward to her daughter becoming a teenager. During this entire conversation, she was smiling and occasionally looking over at me.

She got finished with the lady in front of me so it was my turn to check out. The cashier asked me if I had any little girls. The only thought that came to mind while listening to their conversation wasn't the nicest thing and certainly didn't want to sound rude and hope I wasn't... But I explained to her that I recently lost my daughter about 4 months ago, that she was only 17 months old... Be Thankful you still have your daughter cause anything can happen.

So, if you have little ones in your life... my advice as a mom, every day, every hour, every minute being with your child is very precious! Don't take them for granted.

Just a mom missing her daughter!

I Am So Excited...

Oh, I am so excited! I was able to view my customized blog this morning that is being designed by Veronica McCollum. She is so awesome! She has squeezed me in her very, very busy schedule to donate her time and her creativity in creating the look and design of this blog. She definitely "got it" for the look I was wanting to accomplish!

I would just like to say, if you want a professional looking blog from a professional .... she's your gal! Check her site out

Very Anxious to Get this uploaded for all to see.... I am so impressed! And you will be too!

Love you Veronica... you are the best!

Thank you!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Received Bows for the Girls from Stacey

I wanted to share how generous Stacey was in sending a box full of bows to give in my care packages! Thank you Stacey.... The girls will love 'em!  Wonderful addition!

Thank you again for your generosity!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Have to Share....

While re-living the past 2 years, and all the times at the hospital... it brings me back when Leah was having one of her many surgeries. We met really nice people while we waited forever it seemed for the results of how Leah's surgery went... Her Bowels were being sewn back together after a long awaited perforation that happened weeks prior.

We met this lovely older couple, I can't remember there names right now but we talked about everything from our children to politics, to fox news and what we all did for a living. They found out that my husbands job was lost due to being laid off...

When this family got called back to see there family member in recovery... the wife leaned over to shake my hand to wish us well and placed a $20 bill in my hand - she said get out of the hospital and go get a good lunch on us! I was speechless! Very touched! How many strangers do that? Not too many I don't believe! To this day.. I will never forget that sweet gesture... We were blessed with people coming into our lives like they did... God knows who they are... I would just like to say - Thank you to them if they ever run across this blog!

This is a good example of why I want to give back and make a difference in others lives!

Therapeutic or not?

For the last week or so, while I have been working on "Leah's Hope" - I sure have been missing my little girl! I see little girls that would be near her age and my heart breaks! I so wish things would have turned out differently but they didn't...That wasn't in God's plan!

I am enjoying, however... the want to, the organizing and the idea of helping other families relieve a little stress in there lives. Just the feeling they will know that someone cares makes me feel it's well worth it...It is very therapeutic I believe!

Can't wait to get that first care package all put together and given!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It Has Come to My Attention -

I have things in my head on what I for see in putting together for these care packages. A friend of mine asked me today what type or kind of items I plan to put in my c are packages. So, it has come to my attention that I need to make a donation list of sorts... or should I say what I plan to put in these baskets/containers.

Well, first thing first -

I need something to put the stuff in, so I need a basket or LARGE Container.

Once I have the container, I can then visualize what to put in it. But here is kind of what my intentions are of what I want to try to fit in the baskets.

My main goal is for non perishable items that parents can snack on while at the hospital or maybe for the long drive back and forth from the hospital ... yeah, just by having elevator conversations with other parents during our hospital stay, some drive as far as 5 hours away for a children's hospital. We were an hour away, so I can't even imagine that!

Anyway, so, here is what I think we will start with far as fillers.

- $25-$50 Gas Card (probably from Walmart) so if they need other things like diapers, or prescriptions, that could be used for that as well.

- Non Perishable FOOD
Nuts like cashews, mixed nuts, peanuts, Crackers such as cheese nips, cracker sandwiches that contain cheese or peanut butter, granola bars, maybe some beef jerky, gardettos, popcorn, pretzels, cheese & crackers, blueberry or chocolate chip Otis Meyer muffins....gonna limit chocolate or sweets but might put in a candy bar or two, maybe some twizzlers. Gotta have a little chocolate! LOL!

Everything in prepackaged packaging of course.

- Beverages
Dr Pepper, Pepsi or Coke probably one 6 Pack and then a 12 pack of water.

- Small baby wipe case for on the road travel to keep hands clean.

- Hand Sanitizer - Hospitals are GERMY! Wanna get sick? Go to a hospital!

- Written Word Puzzle Book or Magazine and pen/pencil for parent

- Small Toy for child
Possibly Stuffed Animal, Crayons & Coloring Book, Age Appropriate book/magazine/comic book to read or age/gender appropriate small toy.

- Handmade Blanket with child's name

- All girls will receive a handmade boutique bow - (always took pride in keeping Leah pretty - want to keep this as a signature trademark for all the precious little girls.

- Last but not least! A Handmade Card with a word of encouragement!

Of course not all items listed here will be included in each care package but will give sort of what I have in my mind of trying to give the parents of sick children. Something for for the parents as well as for the child.

Getting Official License

ahhhh... spoke to an attorney today to make sure I do this "Charity" all on the up and up! He is gonna work on the proper paperwork for me! Whew... That'll make it official! Should get it soon!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to Business!

Back to Business... Holidays are now over! Today was very productive! There is a way to get the information I need to make Leah's Hope" a success! Very excited about that, so stay tuned.... it's coming together!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! Obsacles to Overcome!

I have been doing a lot of thinking on how to organize how to help other families that have extended stays in the hospital with their children. With HIPPA laws and patient confidentiality, this becomes a road block for me. I have to get creative I guess!

My other thoughts on what I want to accomplish -

I want to do this as anonymously as possible! I am certainly not looking for credit, nor pats on the back, etc.... Not even a Thank you!

But on the other hand, I want these families to know that they are not alone, I would like to give them a hug and give them a sense that there are people who care! How would I accomplish this?

I am guessing, that is where this Blog comes into play! I need others to help me find families in need that would benefit from this service!

Please spread the word and forward this Blog to your friends and families. I am in Central Oklahoma and will travel to any hospital here in this state to fill the need and give a little compassion in times of need!

Won't you please help me?

God Bless!

Mother of Leah, Shelly

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