Monday, February 14, 2011

Can You Help? ...

I would just like to share that I would appreciate any help you might want to help with - I need a head start on a few things in order to start getting baskets to the hospital. Here is what I need to get accomplished and what I want to get done...

I want to be able to send a personalized Thank you card to all who graciously donate to Leah's Hope! Also, I am needing some handmade cards as well with "Thinking of You" and words of encouragement to be able to be placed in the care packages. If you make greeting cards, I would love it if you could help get a supply going.

Also, if you make blankets, sew, embroidery, or any kind of kid friendly type item that would go side by side with what I am trying to accomplish - shoot me an email, I would love to discuss things with you. I seen on someones blog a while back that seemed to be a really neat item that I would like to find some one to make for me since I can't sew.

She made these really cute colored pencil and pad holder satchel type thing that I thought would be ideal to put in these baskets. It would carry crayons, and other drawing type items with a zipper pouch - Very cute for keeping everything in one place for the child to draw or color.

My goals and wishes - I feel I want these care packages to be more of handmade items, rather than a lot store bought stuff... I want these parents and these children to feel the "LOVE" and Compassion and that Someone Cares!

With that being said -  I need your help! I do not intend to send out an incomplete basket - I have some criteria and must haves before I release a basket to a family!

Every care package will have a gas card,  a few handmade items as well as something for the child plus a handmade card with words of encouragement.

Can you help?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Status Update!

I put in a call to my hospital contact a couple of weeks ago to find out if there was a family in need for a gift basket - 

She said she would find out and call me back. I haven't heard back from her yet but I am guessing with this weather we are having - snow and ice - she's been pretty busy! Once the weather is better, I plan to call her and touch base again. 

So looking forward in getting this underway - still waiting on a few things in the mail too!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Angel Kisses

Angels are around each busy day,
Though they might be missed.
This special gift is to let you know
That you've been angel kissed.

Please watch for the blessings
That each kiss surely brings,
And know as you receive your blessing
An angel is getting her wings.
                                                                                                     --©2007 Dixie Bahma

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