Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mother's Day for Mom's at hospital with their Child - Walmart Gift Registry

I am trying to get some Special Occasion Cards done and gathered up. My Goal is to take about approximately 50 Mother's Day Cards to the hospital by the end of next weekend. I will be using up a lot of my own supplies I have and was hoping I could get some help in either, making a few cards for me to take, or maybe send me scraps or supplies you don't need or you aren't gonna use. My address is on my "Contact" page....I have even set up a registry online from Wal-mart - I can pick items up at my Wal-mart to save you shipping if you let me know that you have sent something and the pickup code or email to print.... that zip code is 74801.

To buy a gift from this Wish List:

1. View the Wish List at:

2. Choose an item from the Wish List.
3. Add the item to your cart.
4. Check out, and have the item shipped to the recipient or to yourself for in-person events.

A Hobby Lobby or Micheal's Gift Card would be just as good - even a Walmart one as well... I just know my supplies are going to dwindle and with my husband just getting laid off again just yesterday, I could use the help. Thank you for so much generosity!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Delivered 1st Care Package to the Hospital Today

What a day....

I delivered this basket to the hospital today! It brought back so many memories walking in that hospital again, riding the elevator, etc.... A joyful day on one hand but it brought sadness to me as well! With Leah's Birthday just 3 days away and going to where she was most of her life, which was my life too for nearly 2 years, just stirs up a lot of emotion! I really hope this family enjoys all the items that they received and to know - 

Someone Cares! 

To all the kids and families going through a storm right now - God will see you through!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

First Basket for Hospital - So Excited! Delivery Tomorrow!

So excited! I have my very first care package done and ready to go to a selected family at the hospital! 

The blanket from a generous friend was made and then I had it embroidered with the child's name in the corner which I had to gray out for confidentiality purposes but wanted to let all know that the blanket was personalized! 

Thank you Susan for this lovely Blanket!

Contents in the baskets contain:

$20 Walmart Gift Card
A Matted Overlay with the Child's Name to be Framed.
Custom Made Wipe Case
A homemade Lion Pillow donated and made by the Angel Cover Ministry.
A Tigger Stuffed Animal for the Child
2 Infant Toys 
Lots of snacks such as, peanuts, cheez-its, popcorn, goldfish crackers, cheese crackers
Several beverages which include Crush - Strawberry and Grape, as well as Juicy Juice plus some water bottles.
Chocolate Easter Bunny
A Word Puzzle for the Parents
Hand Sanitizer
A Handmade Mother's Day Card

Well, I think I covered everything in the basket.... I really hope this family enjoys it!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Donations Given to 2 Families

I wanted to share that I have ran into 2 families in need that were not local so I just decided to send a Wal-Mart gift card to each. I am hopeful that this small donation can be of a little help to these families!

Blessings from Others

I wanted to share how blessed we have been with several donations. Thank you so much to these generous individuals!

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