Tuesday, August 30, 2011

UPDATE - Special Christmas 2011 in the ICU!

Today we received 2 Gift Certificates from Zio's Italian Restaurant in Bricktown - a value of $20 each! WOW! I am so thankful to Zio's for sending those to us to be able to give these out at Christmas to families with a child in the hospital. I am so hoping to be a blessing to these families and more gift certificates come in. Special Thanks to Zio's Italian Restaurant!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Special Christmas 2011 in the ICU!

I just mailed out a Christmas campaign to several Restaurants near Children's Hospital as well as to Gas Station corporations in hopes of receiving donated Gift Cards for these parents that have a child in the hospital at Christmas. Already received a few rejections but am hopeful that I can be able to get some support from a few. My idea for these 24 families is to provide a "Nicely" filled sock for Christmas that I will have embroidered "Mom & Dad" - Filled with a dinner gift card and hopefully a gas card as well. It will also contain items of need, some snacks, maybe something personal or personalized just for them. I am wanting and "my goal" for each sock to be valued at around $100 each - That means, for 24 socks to be done like I would like, I would need $2400. This is why I am posting this ahead of time and not keeping this a secret until done - I need your help in making this campaign an awesome success and want to make a difference in the lives of these families.

I have something special also planned for these children as well for Christmas but right now I am focusing on the bigger challenge in looking for help.

Parents with critically ill children may not have too many Christmas's with their child - I only had one special holiday season with Leah and it was such a memorable Christmas - we actually had her home in 2009 - that was the only Christmas or holiday for that matter that we were able to be a real family and all be together. Leah's first and only birthday was in the hospital - so this is my motivation behind trying to bring families closer together and enjoy what time they have together while they have it and trying to make it a bit more special. 

I am certainly not saying that all children won't "make it" - I am a very positive person and truly believe God creates miracles each and every day - What I am saying - God has a plan with every child and if He wants that child with Him on certain situations, I want to make every day count for these special parents and their time together with their child while they have it!

If you know of anyone in the restaurant field or have connections to help get wal-mart cards, gas cards, groceries, gift certificates of any kind, etc ... I could sure use the help! I have contacted Dollar Tree Corporation to help fill the stockings. Not sure where that will lead - but never hurts to ask!

Here are some of the rejections I have gotten so far and I know there were more but these are the ones off the top of my head....so if you know of anyone that could possibly help get through some of the red tape and being rejected over and over - I would appreciate any help you could provide!

Hobby Lobby


Here is the letter I have mailed out to the restaurants looking for help and have customized it to each individual company as well as looking for gas cards, etc ... so, I thought someone might like to copy my words in order to show and say what I am trying to accomplish.


Hello, My name is Shelly Adams, founder of a small ministry for parents of hospitalized children, Leah’s Hope Ministries. We provide encouragement to families with critically ill children that are in and out of the hospital. Our ministry supports these families by providing care packages of items needed during their stay at the hospital. While many parents have to take off work and lose income in order to help their child get well, theses parents’ well-being is at risk. My mission with this ministry is to try and relieve some burden that can become emotionally and financially chaotic for these parents during this trying time in their lives. 

Our ministry runs on the financial assistance provided by various generous people and all our financial aid comes from people who voluntarily donate the amounts they think proper to our ministry. This fund is utilized by us to cater to parents in order to be able to provide food, handmade items such as blankets for the children, gas cards, books, magazines, puzzles, etc

I am trying to provide a “Special Christmas 2011” to some of these parents with a child in the ICU this Christmas Season. I am in need of a total of 24 Restaurant Gift Cards to be able to feed both of the parents and to be able to place those in these packages I am putting together for Christmas.  In this regard, I would like to request to see if your restaurant or establishment could help me out with some gift cards for this project from your restaurant. Thank you for considering to help provide a better Christmas for these families.


Shelly Adams
Founder, Leah’s Hope

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Waiting to Hear from Hospital!

Just an update for today - I called the hospital to get details on a family to give our next care package too and still have not received a call back yet - just a little impatient! 

I will give them another call if I don't hear back from them soon!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Newborn Recovering After Heart Surgery! Help Needed!

Taken from News 9's website - 

An Oklahoma City newborn is recovering after heart surgery Tuesday at a hospital in Little Rock, AR.
According to family, Nicholas Jordan is out of surgery but there were complications.

Little Nicholas was born eight weeks early and was diagnosed with Down's syndrome and several heart problems. He had to be flown to a hospital in Little Rock for open heart surgery. And now he's dealing with a collapsed lung.

But this little guy is a fighter, and Angela Lancaster, his grandmother, is doing everything she can to raise money for medical related expenses. Several of her coworkers at the Oklahoma City police department have helped out, hosting a car wash fundraiser, even a bake sale. 

"Oh my gosh it is so humbling," says Lancaster. "I am so thankful for working here they have just been awesome I can't say enough about the police department."

Donations for Nicholas Jordan can be made at:  Hope for Nicholas

Donations Received - Thank you!

The past week has been great for donations! I have received 5 handmade blankets, lots and lots of stuffed animals, holiday cards, baskets as well as a few dollars -

I would like to publicly thank the women from "Redeemer Church" here in Shawnee for putting together a card making session - This is a true blessing and will help this ministry a great deal!

I would also like to personally thank Judy and Pam for doing the blankets they did as well as the several baskets they have helped to provide.

I also received a surprise box in the mail a few days ago that contained many many stuffed animals and 2 beautifully made blankets from Peg! Thank you for your generosity Peg! 

Thank you to all who have contributed today and in the past - Your contributions have helped tremendously!

I have put a call into the hospital for deliveries but have not received a call back yet. However, I do have 2 families in mind for 2 of the packages.

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