Thursday, January 26, 2012

Basket Delivery Made

Just wanted to give an update - I was able to take a gift basket to a child's parents at the hospital yesterday! This was possible by an accumulation of donations of others. Thank you for the support I have received in this ministry!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

THANK YOU Michael & Rebecca from Texas

I really wanted to share the Thank you note I received after doing the Christmas project for 2011 for the PICU parents of children in the hospital. This note touched my heart a great deal since I really never know how things are perceived when a parent or child receives something from Leah's Hope and this ministry. Just wanna give a Huge Thank you and Virtual Hug to Micheal & Rebecca from Texas!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Giving Thanks...

There are so many people that I need to give thanks to for helping me and my mission with Leah's Hope this past Christmas Season of 2011! If I fail to mention you - please forgive me - you were just as important to the outcome!


GOD - First and foremost for sending the funds and the people needed to help make this Christmas a little more special for some!

Pam & Judy for making all those awesome activity totes for the kids.
Santa Fe Cattle Company - for all the generous gift certificates they provided.
Texas Road House - for all the generous gift certificates that they provided as well.
Zio's Italian Restaurant  - for the generous gift certificates they provided too.
Sonic Drive-In - for the free drink tokens.
Sandra Valentine - Thank you for helping raise money for the Wal-mart Gift Cards
To my K-Mart Angel - who paid for my layaway - In return I was able to provide a McDonalds Gift Card for all.
Denise - for helping me raise money with Celebration Home
Janie - for donating handmade card holders and apron.
Molly & Joan - The Santa Market - in Edmond for giving Leah's Hope a free booth to help raise funds as well as the monetary donations.
Liz  - who sent us a Dollar Tree Gift Card for all the stockings.
Pam from AVON in PA  - who sent us all those lotions and lip balms.
Redeemer Church - in Shawnee for all the beautiful Handmade Christmas Cards.
Charlie and Marvine Nix - for all the Christmas Ornaments and the Almonds.
My Daughter-in-law, Kailee - for helping me sort and put all these stockings together!
OU Children's Medical Center - for allowing Leah's Hope to provide for these families!

I would also like to thank the many people who helped contribute and made a monetary donation - Everyone made a difference in the success of full-filling this goal!

Looking forward to start the planning for next year! Believe it or not - I started planning this in July of 2011 -

It just dawned on me why the Holiday Season is the most important and sentimental time for me and having the "want" to give back during the Christmas Season! Opening my heart a bit now - Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2009 was the one and only Holiday Season that my family and I got to spend with our little angel, Leah! You never know what tomorrow will bring - life is short - Embrace it!

Many Blessings to all!

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